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Les Étains des Potstainiers Hutois present to you their history.



For centuries, Huy is very well-known for the work of pewterwares and nowadays, the "Potstainiers Hutois" have given fame to the city with their original creations always manufactured in the antique tradition.

The Potstainiers Hutois company was born in 1949, but they meet a great success with the Universal Expo of Brussels in 1958. Since that time, their pewter items are requested worldwide.



We always have to find new ideas like in fashion area. People always ask for something new, that's why we have made moderner and fresher lines, combining crystal and pewter. We have a large range from traditional to modern style. You can find all home decoration items, lightings, wine accessories as decanters, glasses, vases, plates, trays, candleholders, wine or champagne cooler, …. All our pewterwares are suitable for old and young public.



The most important thing is that our alloy is completely leadless, so there are no danger for Health. They are totally handmade. We are perfectly able to meet the requirement of each customer for the personalized business gifts.


Our hallmarks will guarantee you the very specific brightness of the pure pewter, making of it one of the most sought-after materials in decoration and art of the table.

"Potstainiers Hutois", a new style of living with high top quality pewterwares.

Enjoy the best !





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